Mindanao Music Camp 2016 Batch 1

Whatever is given to us, whatever we earn, whatever we are gifted with, we are not called to horde them in, rather, we are called to share and inspire to heal and promote, to elevate and lift up. We are artists and this art is a privilege. -Aik

Day 1

February 27-28 2016, History in our local lives were made, these dates officially kicked of the Mindanao Music Camp and it’s first stop in Tacurong City!

This camp was really a dream come true for the lot of us who really want to see OPM flourish and original songs in Mindanao, written by people from Mindanao go and bless the whole of the Philippines! Giving new insight to the people and giving a fresh identity, an identity that says, wars and turmoil are not the only things here and well in fact lessened, art, culture and hope reside here as well! We see the bigger picture, we see the potential, we see a radical positive change!


The camp started of with the usual get your kits ready routine for the campers and the facilitators, everyone excited to learn and experience news things, as well as meet the awesome seasoned song writer guests! All ready with their high definition camera smart phones and best of smiles! There were also a lot of getting to know one another! For one most of the facilitators have never met these students and it does take some time to get comfy with new people, but that never stopped anyone, with all assurance the camp ended with everyone being friends but lets talk about the ending later.

The first session was about what is Music with elements batch 4 camper Earl speaking to the students. It was a fun time as Earl was really a deep in thought kind of person, a lot of things would through his mind and made sure that when he spoke it really meant something, for everyone! This really established the students on the sessions were gonna happen.


Of course not everything was serious talk, the camp featured a lot of activities for the students, where they got to develop their collaborative skills in group games, sessions and song writing. It was really a fun and amazing time seeing these young artists come alive as they got to do a lot of presentations for the facilitators and for the guests as well. From a presentation involving singing and dancing at the same time, making sounds with claps, beatbox(with the mouth), blending of voices, to using pencils, ball pens and cups to produce sounds that led to music! One of the highlight activities was when the students were tasked to write songs about the most random of topics, from a song about a microphone to the air conditioner!

Marvin came up next to speak about Original Pinoy Music or OPM, he basically talked about our love for our own music, people and language that comes a long with culture. It was really a deep and hearty session as Marvin really got the students listening on the importance of OPM and why it is called as such. A point really well taken was that OPM does not necessarily need to be in Tagalog or Filipino dialect, it simply songs written by Pinoys! A big part of it is the heart as well! It’s really one thing to be born Filipino and another to BE A FILIPINO!


During his session the guests arrived which made Marvin nervous but still in one peice, it was really a wow moment when Thyro, Yumi, Nicole, Joey and ma’am Twinky entered the room and it definitely got everyone excited! Kudos to our awesome campers for being calm and still listened to Marvin during this time, it just means the campers really listened! Woohooo!

After Marvin’s session came time for Thyro and Yumi to speak about song writing, Thyro and Yumi are well known for their songs for the James and Nadine tandem called JaDine as well as their own songs, of most notable mention is Triangulo (PS Its very catchy! Listen to it! Go! But finish reading this first!) It was an awesome time as the students really saw first hand the power of collaboration, bringing the phrase 2 heads are better than 1 into reality. They also talked about their song writing process, how they got into the industry and Thyro’s most awesome “this is how you should pose after a performance pose!” *Breathes deeply*

After reading word after word in this post you must need a break, and yes the students took their break which gave the facilitators and the guests to freshen up and get ready for the evening sessions and JAM night!

Before the first session the campers got to be inspired as ma’am Twinky Lagdameo the COO of 7101 music nation spoke about the elements music camp, and the big “WHY” of the elements camp. It is really for us Filipinos to embrace who we are, what we are capable of and really seeing the pearl in all of us, she was really teary eyed and really grateful for the campers, for choosing to join the MMC and be part of the BIG OPM family! She then went on to introduce the first speaker in the evening sessions.


In the evening sessions our speaker was the talented and “liwanag sa dilim” beautiful ma’am Nicole, you might be wondering why liwanang sa dilim, nag brown out po kasi but still her passion for music and imparting it to the next generation was radiant as ever, despite the power outage she pressed on with her topic on the attitude of a musician, encouraging the young campers to keep their heads held high with feet on the ground. It was really a surreal session.

After that heart and mind warming session came a Sir Joey Ayala, a seasoned and full of wisdom artist! We mean it! He went from physical preparations of being a musician like stretching fingers, preparing vocals and proper exercise, to actual song writing and performing, one of the highlights in his session was his version and thoughts on the Philippine national anthem. We definitely love our country more after that session.



With the final session of the day done there was nothing left to do but JAM! The night went awesomely amazing as the campers and facilitators had an awesome time of performance and music, We would like to think that the anthem of the night was “ang awit ng kabataan”! It was our heart cry, it was our song for that night, it was a declaration of greater things to come! What a night!

Day 2

We started day 2 of the Mindanao Music Camp batch 1 with a good and hearty breakfast! MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! DO NOT MISS IT! After getting everyone ready, since the second and last day of the camp was a Sunday, we decided that day to start with the author and creator of music, God. We had a session on worship and the campers wrote their “thank you” or “dear God” letter, which would become songs. It was really an intimate time for everyone.

After which the last session started with Aik as the speaker, speaking about music passion. Why music takes passion and why pursuing one’s passion is really worth it! It was a fun and enlightening time for everyone, it was like renewing their vow to doing music. The session ended with the campers making a vow as a musician, as an artist to love what they do and do it passionately! It was epic!


The awarding happened after, awards, certificates and special trinkets given to the guests, mentors, sponsors and to the stars of the camp, the campers! With one of the best groufies in the world everyone shouted for joy for an amazing 2 days, for awesome memories, for delightful learning, and with passion and commitment to music!

(Please see the culmination video of the camp below)

To the Sponsors and Partners, to batch 1 of the Mindanao Music Camp, to the WORLD CHANGERS! THANK YOU! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


(Please see the culmination video of the camp below)
(Oh wait here it is)

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Not second chances,but new beginnings

Hey! Finally after the stone age or what ever age I’m back!

This will be a quick one so don’t worry.

It’s our yearly start of the year prayer and fasting and today is the last day?

What did I learn out of it? What did I get? What this and what that? 

Well I’m pretty sure I’ve got a very hungry tummy!

Aside from that, a whole lot of realizations and revelations!

Oh but where to start!? Its all to much to be put into words. But here it is.


Just God, just Him. His glory, awesomeness, power, worth, so much words but not enough.

And with God a new beginning, just like this new year.

Let’s just say 2013 was a bit depressing and I have been sulking over the thought of failing God.

Desperately asking for as second chance to get it right with Him.

But the answer was rather different. There was no second chance and there was no getting right with Him.

It was all about Him and not about me. What He did counts more than what I am willing to do.

It was Him and with Him a new beginning. He got it right not me, and He was willing to let me have what He did right.

What a God. He truly deserves it.

Grace, Peace, Mercy oh what words to use but over all it’s love.

He is Love after all.

So I say good bye to second chances, and hello to new beginnings.

Thank you for breaking me Lord. Thank you for being my God. Thank you for the tough love and thank you for the NEW.



Today I saw one of the most unusual things I have yet to see on my computer.

It starts with the letter H. That’s all I got to give.

But what is peculiar about this experience is what I felt after seeing the H.

I felt, unimportant, weird-ed out, out of place, oh might as well say jealous.

Over an H! 

It occurred to me right then and there, I crave to know my worth.

I crave to know that something or someone I have put much effort on

Has some value for me. Oh that H.

Good thing I have Jesus. I might have destroyed my laptop if not for Him.

Good timing too, cause it made me ask my self.

What if. . . .

God could access our H. Well thing is He can. 

I am wondering, what would He feel. Would He be like me or would He just shake it off.

I got my answer though.

Exodus 34:14

 Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

This was big for me!

Wait you mean, you’re letter H has something to do with what you worship?

YES! It occurred to me, ever so strongly.

What you value, spend most time on, spend most money or resources on, whatever you pour your heart into

That is most likely what you worship!

At this I gotta admit, I’m scared. Many times I have failed Him. I know if He were to look into my H.

He would have a righteous jealousy.

Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention, God’s jealousy isn’t like ours. His is righteous and completely valid.

For that we need to go into the context of the Exodus.

Of How God saved the Israelite s and How they turned their backs on God.

(Kinda like how you give your all for someone and they end up leaving you)(I dare you not to get jealous)

God gave me all I ever needed and to a degree and according to His will, what I wanted.

But what do I do (If you can relate I hope you won’t get condemned) I spend my life m making created things

more important than my creator.

I’m not writing this because I got it right, but because I know I got it wrong and if you reader got it wrong, well. . .

there is HOPE.

The fact that God is a jealous God is what scares us, BUT it is also what saves us.

He is jealous because He loves us, very very very very very very very very(x infinity) MUCH!

He wants to be part of our lives, not so He can meddle or control us

He wants to do it because He wants us to go the distance, to be awesome people He has called us to be!

Why? Because HE IS AWESOME!!!

So I hope we get our act together.

I personally Hope to see more of HIM in my H.

Make History with His-story.




It has been a while since I decided to give a peace of my mind.

I have actually missed it.

With this simple blog site I was really hoping in being able to inspire. . . .Millions? Wait that is small. The world!

Over the time that I have remained silent, I have been “caught in the moment” with too many things.

I recently went back to school for my second course.

I’m in the University of Mindanao as a AB Mass Communications Student.

It’s really fun, being the “kuya” of everyone.

But really what I wish I could talk about is an overflow.

As I have gotten into school again I have been taking a long break from worship leading.

Maybe it’s something I did or simply this is what God wants. My heart still longs to give Him praise. To sing a new song to Him.

I have been looking for it. Searching for it. I miss it oh so much! I long for You, I long for You God!

Oh man

Im so lost right now, In the pursuit of Him!

This might make some sense right now


Thats all I got to say


A call to IGNITE 2013

Hi my name is Ullrich G. Lariosa I am a media missionary and most importantly a follower of Jesus, thank you for taking time to read this letter as I hope to share to you the ministry that God has given me.

(Me sharing to 3rd year high school students of Philippine Science)




God has given me the privilege to do campus ministry by doing media ministry, which includes creating ministry videos, photography (which I am still learning), designing event posters and all media people do.

Now as I am doing this we also have events that equip and encourage us in doing the ministry. One such event is called Ignite, it is our national youth conference where we engage, establish, equip and empower our young people. As for
me who is already doing campus ministry I will be going there to take care of our Davao youth delegates.


(Me with the youth of LifeBox Davao)


So in line with all of this I will not sugar coat things. I pray and hope that you would partner with me in this ministry with the goal of honoring God and Making disciples. I am currently raising pocket money for my entire stay in Manila, a partner of mine has already blessed me with back and forth tickets. I hope that this letter has somehow encouraged and blessed you.

Please do pray for me also as I know that God has called me to be in this ministry. Thank you and God bless. If you wish to contact me, feel free to contact me at 09236584849, e-mail me at aace234@yahoo.com (this is also my facebook e-mail however I used my coined name Aik).

Thank you and God bless!

Ullrich G. Lariosa

Media Missionary

A “show” of hope

Today I just wanna share a show a lot of my friends and me are excited about.

TV series have been on the hots lately and a lot of people are on the look out for what ever is nice to watch on the telly.

Well before I share the youtube video of it. I just want to make a clarification. I DO NOT OWN THE MATERIAL BUT MERELY SHARING IT.

So there you have it.

It excites me to know that someone actually bothered to make a tv series about the Bible in today’s generation that’s filled with vampires, werewolves, zombies, lusty, and all the other craziness out there.

I admit some of these stuff I watch, specially the zombies.

But at the end of the day, your soul needs more than entertainment. It needs something that will last. . .forever. JESUS.

God’s word. That is why I’m all excited. People now have a chance to get a sneak peak visualized version of the Bible! On 1 of the most influential media devices in the world, television!

No It won’t suffice from actually reading the word of God, but it is a good start.

Hope to be able to watch it soon! Anyway here is the trailer. God bless



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Dreams do come true

Hey guys here I am with another quickie!

As not a lot of you know, I have a huge admiration for Yeng Constantino.

For 2012 well dreams do come true as I actually get to meet her twice!

The first time was at Gensan when the Lifebox Gensan had their event.

It was an awesome event where young people showcased their talent after going through the life academy.

For proof of that event here is a picture.



It was just breathe taking and well yun na yun hahaha.

The second time was when I got to join the Elements National Song writing camp 2012!

It was a super cool event as I got to go to an all expense paid trip to Dumaguete and spend a week in Bahura resort with the likes of Ryan Cayabyab, Noel Cabangon, Urbandub’s Gab Alipe, Ebe Dancel, Chito Miranda, Jungee Marcelo, Joey Ayala, Raymond Marasigan, Francis Reyes, Gloc 9, Ogie ALcasid a whole lot of other people and of course Yeng was there! Here is proof!

IMG_3657 IMG_3656 IMG_3641 IMG_3640 IMG_3637 IMG_3632 IMG_3630 IMG_3624 IMG_3620 IMG_3605 IMG_3593 IMG_3589 IMG_3587 IMG_3576 IMG_3572 IMG_3571 IMG_3564 IMG_3553 IMG_3546 IMG_3540

So yeah dreams do come true.

So this is basically a media post hehehe.

To top it all of I’m posting this post with my new laptop yehey! hahaha.

Anyway despite all these awesome people, I am just thankful for my awesome God!

He is the sole reason for all of this and I am excited for moar!

Hey before you go check this video out! (for all visayas mindanao people)



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Look who is back!

Yes I am declaring my come back!

It has been almost or more than half a year!

It’s about time for me to get back out there and make some noise!

well maybe just here.


Now in my time of absence God has allowed me to learn a LOT of things!

Number 1!

Jesus. (period)

Number 2!

It will always be about His greater picture and never about our own little poster.

Number 3!

The higher we jump the more He is praised! (just kidding)

It is that He loves us all so much that the only natural response is to love Him back with everything we’ve got!

To worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

Stoked to write about a lot of other stuff but that’s for another post! For now just enjoy this video! I don’t own it but hey I love Planetshakers!


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Too quiet

Lately I have been tooooooo quiet.

So I made a status like post.

So yeah.